• Negative news can eventually take its toll on people. We introduce you to Shelley Choquer, a 50-year-old mother of three, who decided one day that the news was too depressing and stopped watching all together. After three years of not watching any news, she now balances out the negative news by going to the Good News Network.

Read her story

  • We draw on the World Values Survey and insight from psychology and economics to see what makes people happy.

The answers may surprise you.

  • We speak to television news professionals to look at the nature of television news and see what leads to daily news having a negative bias.

It’s not just the message, but also the medium.

  • If you feel sad or afraid after watching television news, we have a section that is designed to help people combat these feelings. We discuss what you can do to feel happier and possibly in turn manifest better results in your own life.

Want to feel happier…

  • Take the study yourself. Results have already been posted for the first round, but everyone is encouraged to participate and see the impact television news has on one’s psyche.

One Response to “Positive reporting and its effect on wellbeing”

  1. John Says:

    I like the good news idea and feel that there’s a lot of good news that isn’t run in mainstream media that people would find useful and interesting.

    However, having some basic knowledge of marketing and of news, it seems that bad news sells products much better than good news. It may be really obvious to someone “in the biz” of news and marketing but for me it seems like a sort of discovery to put it all together and realize that news and marketing run pretty much parallel with each other. If my assumptions are on the right track, I am wondering if given the positive bottom line of bad news and huge economics tied to that agenda, is good news destined to remain an underdog no matter how “good” it is?

    I have just started looking at your site and look forward to reading more on your study and findings.

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