News is not limited to what one reads in a newspaper or watches on TV. It can be any kind of information and that information can affect one’s mood. If one wakes up in the morning, sees that it is raining and the first thought in his or her head is “crap, it’s raining out, my day is ruined,” chances are his or her day is ruined and not because of the rain. If people can turn a negative, such as the rain, into a positive his or her day will probably go better, according to UBC psychology professor Tannis MacBeth.

In 2005, the drug company Bayer conducted a survey of Americans about good news only to find that people felt better and they said they were actually more productive at work after hearing good news in the morning. However, according to Geri Weis-Corbley, founder of the number one site on Google for good news called the Good News Network, if you were to sit in front of the TV and watch detail after detail of the recent school shooting at Northern Illinois University on cable news networks, you would be breathing less and your body would change. All the negative news might lead to increased levels of stress, which may contribute to high blood pressure and can even cause cancer, said Weis-Corbley.

A body gets taken out of an apartment in Surrey, B.C. after six people were murdered as seen on CTV BC.


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