The results were obtained during the months of January and February 2008, but the study is still online and everyone is encouraged to participate. While there are numerous reasons for someone altering life orientation levels within two weeks, there is no possible way to control for everything. But as people were asked a similar set of 10 questions (both scored out of a possible 24 points) before and after watching a mock newscast, we can see if their life orientation level changed and if there is a different level of change for the different mock newscasts.

Part 1 Table (pdf)

I must mention that one person who viewed newscast #5 scored the highest with 24 points both times and one person who viewed newscast #3 scored a 4 the first time and a zero in the second part. Both the high and the low probably affect the averages.
However, I can say that the only time scores ever increased except for one person who watched newscast #1 was when people were watching newscast #3 or #5. The ones where a positive news story ends the broadcast and is therefore the last thing people see before taking the questionnaire. In fact, three quarters of the people who watched #5 reported an increase. The most dramatic decrease was 8 points scored by two people, one who viewed #1 and one who viewed #4.

For part two of the second questionnaire, participants were shown a list of 12 words and asked to rate how each describes their feelings at the present moment. The terms used were happy, fearful, on edge, depressed, nervous, pleased, sad, frightened, afraid, unhappy, tense and cheerful. The biggest differences were on the words sad, frightened, afraid, tense and happy. For sad the average was on or below one for #3 and #5, between 1-2 for #1 and #2 and a much higher 2.5 for newscast #4. We see similar gaps with the word frightened. Those who watched #3 and #5 averaged zero, those who watched #1 and #2 averaged between 0-1 and those who watched #4 averaged 2.

Part 2 Table (pdf)

For part three, I asked people to say if the newscast they watched was boring or interesting and if they gained knowledge. Interestingly enough, everyone who viewed #3 said it was interesting and they gained knowledge while the rest of the results were split.


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