For Shelley Choquer, a 50-year-old mother who makes a point of reading good news first, Geri Weis-Corbley, founder of the good news network, and many others who visit the positive news pages, the solution is more good news and good news that comes at certain times of the day.

“A positive psychologist at Harvard University is a big supporter of my site and he recommends that everyone go to the website once a day,” said Weis-Corbley. “I would say, don’t listen to the news right when you get up unless you are going to follow it quickly with good news, and certainly don’t watch the news right before you go to bed without following it with some good news because we do create our health with our minds.”

Just as it is important to start one’s day off on a positive note, it is also important to end the day. Often negative or depressing thoughts right before going to bed can result in poor sleeping. Norman Vincent Peale is a priest and the author of many best-selling books about positive thinking. In his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, he tells the story of two men discussing their sleep the previous night over breakfast in a hotel lobby. The one man complains that he barely got a couple hours of sleep and spent most of the night tossing and turning. The other man says that he slept like a baby and inquires about what the first man does before he goes to bed. The first man says that he watched the news and there were many stories about crime. Peale talks about sleep being directly related to one’s wellbeing.

“When I embraced the notion that as within so without, you can manifest good things in your life by what you are thinking and feeling,” said Weis-Corbley. Increasing one’s diet of good news may actually lead to better outcomes and a more positive view of the world. This idea is not a while lot different from that stated in the best-selling book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and others.

A related New York Times article on the power of positive thinking


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